Behaviour for Learning

Learning for Life

It is so important that children understand how they learn and can access learning tools to help them succeed. Learning is for life so investing time in developing awareness of how we learn will support the children’s confidence now and in the future.

At New Horizons Primary School we advocate Guy Claxton’s Building Learning Power and his 4 learning dispositions of:  Resilience, Reciprocity, Reflectiveness and Resourcefulness.  Each of these dispositions are represented by a school learning hero.

All our children share a similar language for learning, this helps everyone to talk about and understand how we learn.   How well you learn is not a matter of how bright you are, it is a matter of experience, practise and building and retrieving memory pathways.  Learning to learn can be developed by everyone, there are no limits.  Our friendly learning heroes ensure that learners at New Horizons Primary School are successful, confident and aspirational.

New Horizon Primary's Learning Heroes