Young tennis player ranked number one in the county and says she will ‘never give up’ dreams to compete at Wimbledon

February 14, 2024 12:47pm

An ambitious nine-year-old has her eyes set on Wimbledon with an aspiration to become a professional tennis player, following her recent win in the Hampshire Under Nines Girls Tennis Tournament.

Esther, a pupil at New Horizons Primary School, competed in a grade three tennis tournament [regional level competitions that count for both ratings and rankings] in Aldershot recently and batted her way to victory, which has made her number one in the girls under nines for the county.

This achievement now means Esther will compete in the national competition for her age category, where young players have been scouted for professional games.

Esther said she enjoyed every moment of the tournament:

“I loved playing in the Hampshire tournament, which was a grade three. I didn’t know it was going to be at that level, so I just went out there and tried my hardest, and then I won. I beat someone who I thought I would never beat, and I got really, really excited.

“When I won and was given the medal, I was so proud of myself. I’m going to polish it every day. My county coach was there watching me; the head coach for Hampshire and the Isle of Wight was there too.

“If you want to be a sportsperson, you have to put your mind into the game. Do lots of training, build strength, conditioning, and all of the workouts, and work hard on your court. Never back down, never give up.”

Diane, Esther’s mum, says everyone is immensely proud of Esther’s dedicated efforts in pursuing her passion for tennis, saying:

“Her unwavering determination and grit shine through in both tournaments and training sessions.

“The learning heroes at New Horizons Primary School represent resilience, reflection, and giving your best effort, aligning perfectly with Esther’s dream of being a Wimbledon tennis player.

“Esther’s commitment to her tennis training is complemented by the supportive and enthusiastic environment fostered by the New Horizons team. We appreciate their encouragement when she recounts her matches. While Esther may not always emerge victorious, her graceful and humble demeanour in defeat, coupled with exemplary sportsmanship, fills us with pride.”

Jack Jones, Head of School at New Horizons, said:

“Congratulations to Esther on her remarkable achievement. It's heartening to see a young pupil like Esther embodying the values of hard work and determination that we strive to instil here at New Horizons Primary School. Her commitment to her sport, coupled with her humility and sportsmanship, is a testament to her character and the support she receives from her family, friends, and our school community."