Year 2 enjoy cultural experience of African dancing

November 16, 2023 02:17pm

Children at New Horizons Primary School enjoyed an energetic session of African dancing this week as part of their geography topic to explore different continents and cultures.

The classes were delivered by Maisie at The Movement Initiative, which strives to inspire people to dance and achieve their full potential.

She led three 30-minute sessions for our Year 2 classes to teach them three routines for the children to enjoy.

From slower speeds to more energetic routines, the workshop was to demonstrate that cultures around the world have different ways of dancing and celebrating.

Mrs Swift, the Year 2 Lead and Teacher, says: “By giving these children a cultural experience, it will enhance their learning, so we’re very grateful for The Movement Initiative for coming in to provide them with this opportunity.

“We’ve been teaching our children about how other places in the world are different from where we live and how it’s really good for the world to have so much diversity and culture.”