Introducing our new Pupil Parliament at New Horizons Primary

December 7, 2023 11:18am

An enthusiastic group of children at New Horizons Primary say they are excited to be a voice for others within their class and around the school.

The school’s Pupil Parliament has launched with the aim to promote pupil leadership opportunities, giving the children the chance to work as a team to develop communication and debating skills while doing good for the community.

Throughout the year, the Pupil Parliament will represent the whole school at various activities and events. From celebratory moments to community engagement, there will be a variety of events for the Pupil Parliament to enjoy.

Mrs. H Powell, Assistant Headteacher at New Horizons, says the Pupil Parliament have already active across the school and neighbouring community.

She said: “Since the launch of our Pupil Parliament earlier this term, we’ve already seen our children attend a local church to support them with the maintenance of their building, select new equipment to improve playtimes, as well as being recipients of an award.

“It’s lovely to see members of our Pupil Parliament taking their roles seriously with huge smiles on their faces. They have loads of ideas and it’s wonderful to see staff from across the school cheering them on to make some of them a reality.”

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